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At Fasten Halberstam, we consider industry-specific accounting our stock in trade. For decades, companies across the NY Metropolitan Area have relied on our expert associates for solutions to their most challenging tax and business challenges.
We collaborate with clients in a diverse range of industries. This all-encompassing experience grants them a thorough understanding of the unique financial and tax implications that come along with complex transactions.

Industries We Serve

With a deep understanding of accounting principles, regulatory requirements, and industry-specific nuances, we are well-equipped to assist businesses of all types.

From financial management and reporting to tax planning and compliance, our goal is to provide personalized and reliable financial solutions tailored to your specific industry.

Financial Services

Fasten Halberstam offers expert guidance in strategies, planning, and regulatory advice for broker-dealers, hedge funds, investment partnerships, security transactions, and private placements.

Real Estate

Navigating the dynamic and ever-evolving real estate industry requires a skilled and adaptable team at your side. Whether you are an investor, buyer, or developer, we provide you with the essential roadmap to thrive as a successful and profitable player in the real estate market.

Privately Held Businesses

Whether it's navigating complex tax laws, optimizing deductions, preparing financial statements, or conducting audits, we are committed to delivering exceptional service tailored to your specific needs.

High Net Worth Individuals

Financial forecasting, wealth management, and tax planning are just a few of the services we offer to ensure your assets perform optimally. We identify underperforming aspects of your portfolio and guide you to a growing financial future.

Professional Services

The quality service you provide should not be mitigated by taxes and accounting. With our expert service, it won’t. Our dedicated team of professionals is well-versed in handling all your tax and accounting matters.

Banks & Lending Institutions

Accounting impacts all aspects of bank operations and requires systems that generate accurate and reliable information. Our services allow you to meet the needs of customers, shareholders, supervisory agencies, tax authorities, and courts of law.

Alternative Investments

We provide financial analysis, assist with investment structuring, monitor performance, and facilitate tax planning. Gain a better understanding of the financial implications of alternative investments and make more informed decisions, ultimately maximizing the potential benefits while minimizing risks.

Retail & Wholesale Operations

We provide financial management, bookkeeping, tax planning, inventory management, financial analysis, internal controls, and strategic guidance. Our expertise and knowledge help businesses in this sector navigate their finances, maximize profitability, and achieve long-term success.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We play a vital role in the manufacturing and distribution industry by providing cost analysis, budgeting, inventory management, financial reporting, compliance, accounting software setup, capital expenditure analysis, and strategic guidance.


The cash flow that comes along in the construction industry is often uneven. We help clients in the construction industry plan for consistent income and inevitable fluctuation as the market changes.

Technology Companies

In a rapidly evolving industry, achieve maximum success with financial management, financial reporting, tax planning, financial analysis, funding assistance, cost management, compliance guidance, and M&A support.


Our financial expertise helps healthcare organizations navigate complex financial challenges, optimize costs, ensure compliance, and make informed decisions to maintain and grow financial sustainability.


When it comes to nonprofit organizations, we know all the legalities that can impact your financial future. Count on us for account setup, tax benefits, government grants, and handholding along the way.